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Septic Fizzytabs

Septic FizzyTabs

Septic System Treatment

Enzyme Producing Bacteria

This saying may never have been more true than with the household septic system.  In fact, most people never consider their septic system until there is a problem.

This guide will help you prevent septic problems. It explains the basic parts of your septic system (drainpipes, septic tank, drainage area) and how they work, the problems that can occur when they are neglected,  and how a little basic maintenance can help prevent major repair bills. 


[Drainpipe n(1857): a pipe for drainage]  Not always considered part of the septic system, drainpipes serve a critical function. They carry the waste from sinks, baths, and toilets to the septic tank.

Over time, drainpipes accumulate waste.  Their surfaces become covered with grease, soap and other materials.  As build up occurs, pipes begin to lose diameter and water flow becomes restricted. This results in slow drains and clogged pipes.

Once a clog happens, the standard remedy is dangerous caustic chemicals or expensive mechanical snaking. Unfortunately, these methods only partially open pipes, leaving them susceptible to further clogging. 

Septic Tank

[Septic Tank n(ca1902): a tank in which the solid matter of continuously flowing sewage is disintegrated by bacteria”]

In other words, your septic tank is the heart of your septic system and functions as a miniature waste treatment plant.

As waste enters the septic tank it separates into distinct layers: (see illustration to the right A.1)

• The top  layer is known as the scum layer  [“scum n: extraneous matter or impurities risen to or formed on the surface of a liquid  often as a foul filmy covering”]  and generally consists of digestible organic material.

• The middle layer consists of fairly clean water.  It is from this layer that water leaves the septic tank and enters the drainage area.

• The bottom layer, also known as the sludge layer, [“sludge n: a muddy or slushy mass, deposit, or sediment (such) as precipitated solid matter produced by water and sewage treatment processes”] is made up primarily of inorganic and other indigestible materials.

In your operating system, the natural bacteria populations digest the scum layer and only clean water from the middle layer leaves the septic tank and passes into the drainage area.

In a problem trap, the scum layer or sludge layer becomes so large that solids are allowed out of the trap into the drainage area.  This can happen for a number of reasons.

If the problem is excessive scum, it is most likely the result of insufficient bacterial populations.  This can be a result of simple overloading where there are large numbers of bacteria but too much waste is entering the tank.  It can also result from systematic destruction of the natural bacteria by the use of common household chemicals.

Chemicals such as bleach, toilet bowl sanitizers, acidic or caustic cleaners, drain openers, bathtub and grout cleansers, and others destroy  bacteria, thus reducing the efficiency of your septic tank. 

Unlike excessive scum, sludge buildup does not necessarily mean your system is not working properly.  As we mentioned previously,  sludge contains inorganic and other indigestible materials.  These materials will continue to accumulate even in a properly working system and will need to be removed by  a professional septic pumper.

Replacement costs of leach fields vary significantly, but even the smallest systems can cost several thousand dollars to replace.

Septic Fizzytabs

•  Easy To Use
•  Tackles Tough Odors
•  Safe For All Plumbing
•  Keeps Drain Lines Free Flowing
•  Affordable Weekly Maintenance
•  Stores Easily & With No Powder Residue
•  Digests Grease & Other Wastes
•  Helps Protect Drain Fields
•  Enzyme Producing Bacteria
•  Environmentally Friendly

PRICE Only $39.99 For A 1 Year Supply

12 FizzyTabs In One Package



NOW $25.00 

DrainLine Fizzytabs

(One Year Supply If Used Once A Month)

Product Features

  • Opens Slow Drains / Removes Buildup / Prevents Future Buildup
  • Prevents Clogs / Eliminates Odors / Safe On ALL Pipes
  • Safe,Natural Formula,Green Product, Easy To Use , Effervasent Tablets
  • (Not Intended To Open Clogged Drains Water Flow Is Needed) Without treatment, drains accumulate soap scum, fats, oils, grease, minerals and other organic material. This material causes nasty odors, and slowly builds up in the pipe, reducing the flow of water. Most of this material is biodegradable. As the pipe size is reduced, drainage slows and backups are more common.
  • Will Not Harm Environment / For Very Slow Drains Use 1 DL Fizzytab every 2-3 days / For Normal Use 1 DL Fizzytab Once A Week Will Keep Your Lines Clean And Clear. 1 Package Has 12 DL Fizzytabs.
Drainline Fizzytabs

Product Description

Drainline FizzytabsTM contain millions of safe, natural bacteria that produce enzymes and biodegrade the soap scum, fats, oils, grease and minerals that reduce the diameter of the pipe. Drainline FizzytabsTM will open slow drains, and prevent future buildup. Drainline FizzytabsTM also eliminate the bad odors. Directions - To Get Started on Slow Drains, Showers, Toilet and/or Garbage Disposals: Select a bucket and fill with water (2 liter, gallon or more). Drop in ONE Drainline FizzytabTM and watch the effervescent strength (about 2-3 min). The effervescent action will completely mix the product with the water - NO stirring or mixing is required! Pour some of the liquid into each drain, sink and toilet in your house. Pour extra solution into your slow drains. Flush toilet after applying product. Repeat every 2-3 days if needed. Most slow drains and most bad odors will open in 1-2 treatments. Very slow flowing drains may need more. If the product does not work, you may have physical obstructions, like towels, plastic, keys, toys, tree roots, etc and you will need to call a professional plumber. For Best Results, apply at the end of the evening, or at a time of day where there is little water usage. Drainline FizzytabsTM are strong, so treat your entire house! If you only want to treat one drain, sink, shower, garbage disposal, or toilet, Mix one DL FizzytabTM and pour in equal amounts daily, as long as needed. Once mixed with water, use the solution within 1 month!

Drainline Fizzytabs


ONLY $30.00

High Efficiency Washing Machine Odor Control
Fizzytabs (One Year Supply)

Product Features

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY Laundry Washing Machine Odor Control Product (One Year Supply ) if you use one tablet every two months.
  • Odor Control Fizzytabs! Removes the soap scum, organic material, mildew residue, and other smelly, nasty stuff that accumulates in your washing machine.
  • Odor Control Fizzytabs will: Eliminate the source of the odor Degrade residues and deposits Leave your washer fresh and clean
  • Odor Control Fizzytabs are: Safe and Natural Non-Toxic Safe for the septic system
  • This is a quick and easy way to keep your washer clean and odor free.

Product Description

Drop one (1) washing machine Fizzytab into the empty machine. Run one cycle, on warm water (cold is OK too). If odor is not gone the next day repeat. Some washers may need more then one or two times if they have gone a long time with out cleaning. The recommended use is about every two month to keep your washer clean and odor free. Some may need to do once every month depending on how many loads a day you do.


RV FizzytabsTM

Reduces Odors, Liquefies Solids, and Helps Keep Your Holding Tank Trouble-Free!


Product Features

  • RV FizzytabsTM are a powerful holding tank and wash tank treatment in an easy-to-use effervescent tablet. Simply remove a tablet from the foil, drop it into a toilet bowl, add water if necessary, allow time to dissolve and flush
  • Each RV Fizzytab :releases billions of beneficial bacteria into your system. Bacteriago straight to work digesting the organic material that cause the foul odors. The bacteria also help liquefy the organic material, removing the solid crust that is harmful to the plumbing.
  • Holding Tank Maintenance:After dumping the holding tank or waste tank, drop 1 RV FizzytabTM directly into the toilet bowl, allow 3-4 minutes for the tab to dissolve, then flush. Use RV FizzytabsTM on both black and grey water systems. Normal odors should be reduced by using 1 RV Fizzytab per cleaning. For bad odors use several times per week. For extreme odors, use daily.
  • - Enzyme producing bacteria - Safe for all plumbing - Digests grease & other wastes - Keeps drain lines free flowing - Reduces odors - Environmentally friendly
  • Take Them With You On The Road! 12 Tablets In One Package!

Product Description

There are 12 tablets in one package. Use these tablets as needed. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Eye Irritant. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes.



RV FizzytabsRV Fizzytabs

Marine Fizzytabs Holding Tank Treatment


Product Features

  • Marin Fizzytabs Are A Powerful Holding Tank And Wash Tank Treatment In An Easy-To-Use Effervescent Tablet. Simply Remove A Tablet From The Foil,Drop It In The Head And Flush. The Tablet Will Dissolve Once Mixed With Water In The Tank.


Suctionline Fizzytabs

This is just what you need if you're a Dentist. Low cost, fast and easy to use

Product Features

  • Reduces Odor And Organic Buildup In Suctionline / This Product Is Great For Any Business Using A Suction Line In There Office.
  • East To Use Natural And Safe / Non Hazardous / Non Corrosive
  • Safe For All Plumbing / Will Digest The Organic Substances (Like Blood) And Wastes That Accumulate In Suctionlines.
  • There Are 6 Fizzytabs In One Package.

Product Description

Application Rates Make a soluition by dropping in 1 Suctionline Fizzytabs into a 1-2 liters of water. Allow the tablet to dissolve. Apply part of the solution directly into the suctionline and pour part of the solution into the spit sink. Each Suctionline Fizzytab will treat up to 5 chairs For Best Results DO NOT apply with antimicrobials, disinfectants, or hot water (170 degrees F)

Suctionline FizzytabsSuctionline Fizzytabs


Price Only 19.99

Biota MaxTM Soil Probiotic (Seed and Soil Treatment)

  • Biota MaxTM is an all-natural soil probiotic. Biota MaxTM contains the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy, productive soil that helps you to grow bigger and better plants! Repair your soil today by replacing the natural soil biota that is lost to chemicals, heat, cold, fire, drought, and frost.
  • The beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi in Biota MaxTM will help you grow bigger, more healthy plants using less nitrogen fertilizer. Biota MaxTM contains the organisms in Custom GPTM, Custom B5TM and Custom N2TM. The organisms in Biota MaxTM products are non-toxic, safe, and natural. NO GMO's and NO Pathogens!!!
  • Biota MaxTM is an easy to use effervescent tablet containing enough bacteria and fungi spores (seeds) to treat your entire lawn and garden, up to 1/4 acre (thats 1/10 hectare). Tablets are so lightweight and easy to ship,
  • Buy enough BiotaMaxTM to completely treat your Biochar. 1 tablet will treat 1000 square meters or 1/4 acre. So for each 1000 square meters, you'll need one BiotaMaxTM tablet.
  • NOW 12 Tablets in one package.



Well this is the product that can deliver.

Price 39.00

Sale Price $35.00

Pond FizzytabsTM Provide a CLEAN Pond for Your Fish!

  • Makes water clean and clear,Makes cleaning easier,Reduces odors
  • Reduce ammonia and nitrogen
  • Degrade organic material
  • Increase Oxygen,bacteria in action
  • 4 tablets one month supply (This package has 4 tablets)

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