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Bug Zapper

Afghanistan Tested Tough April 19, 2011

One of the sergeants bought a different brand of bug zapper and it was great entertainment to be able to launch our own indoor "Spring Offensive". But that zapper used AA batteries and was 1500 watts. So it wasn't too long before all the fun was over. I found this zapper and decided that two D size batteries should last longer. It definitely does! Also, the swatter head is significantly larger than the other swatters.

At two-thousand, four-hundred insect crushing watts of no-fly-zone power, everyone was pleasantly "shocked" on its inaugural run to see that first flash of light and large popping noise and... no fly! High-fives, hand-bumps and a loud, rousing round of HOO-AH! went around the room. A new benchmark had been set. Afghanistan has a corner on the market for flies. But with this zapper in hand, we are able to clear a large room of flies in a few minutes.

It's great! After decades of torment from flying insects, to be able to take the fight to them. Mid-air kills--only a pipe dream with a manual swatter--are now a norm. Rather than waiting for them to fly into the room, some of the Soldiers have taken to relieving their stress by going outside and slimming down the population out there... because there are no more inside.
This product is built more ruggedly than the cheaper ones. The head does flex. But, after hundreds if not a few thousands of kills, the swatter is getting a little long in the tooth. Soldiers are just not that careful. I am writing this review, but as soon as I am done, I will buy a couple more today so that we can continue to control the skies over our hooches and common areas. This device literallly turns the whole fly problem on its head. Spectacular popping, flashing kills are the norm. Those that don't pop end up on the ground twisting around like tops... glorious.

It's time to establish your own No-Fly-Zone, now. Time to give some pent-up get-back after all these years. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

FIVE PLUS stars. A highly recommended product.

Captain M.
Kandahar, Afghanistan
you call that a bug zapper? THIS is a frigging bug zapper!! THIS is a yellow and black plastic BUG DEATH MACHINE!!

but seriously. although it could be built a bit stronger, considering how well it works and the price, i'm not complaining.

I'm Just Saying that after seeing how much fun can be had with this model, I would pay extra for it to be built out of carbon fiber or aluminum like a real racket!

It Arrived Yesterday Afternoon, and by evening i was searching out flies to kill in the house, it was like 'hey, where did everybody go?' Had to go outside and mess with the outside flies.

This Morning, the no-fly zone expanded onto the deck and in the 15 min before this writing, I downed the first six cabbage moths that entered my airspace! That's SIX confirmed kills and a 7th downed in the nasturtiums.

Some issues I've found so far:

the balance is a bit off, due to the huge battery pack (2xDcell) being in the handle and the head being made from lightweight plastic. some racket head tape could solve this though.

The heavy outer (protective?) mesh tends to bounce bigger flies off rather than let them hit the electric grid. this is solved by technique- you have to get your swing to hit them just right so a wing or leg gets in there.

while the current is strong enough to basically vaporize the lighter bogeys, like mosquitoes, small moths, and large fruit flies, its not guaranteed to be a 1 shot kill on larger moths like the evil cabbage moth. they always go down, but sometimes you have to go back for a coup de grâce.

Having said all that know that i think this product is still a pretty much friggin outstanding!

how bout it has an led light built-in to function as a flashlight and a bug attractor?

That's downright inspiring.

somebody make me the carbon-fiber li-ion re-chargeable version, and I'll buy it.
Great Product !September 9, 2012
Extra Large 2400 Volts Hand Held All Seasons Bug Zapper
Great product, very powerful. Ordered several so far for friends at work and they all love them. Product works as advertised and does a great job not just on flies but all insects.
Zapping bugs for comfort and funAugust 22, 2012
 Extra Large 2400 Volts Hand Held All Seasons Bug Zapper
I, too, had one of the underpowered models that used 2 AA batteries. It was useful but finally gave up the ghost after a couple of years of sporadic use. Then I came across this model, which is streets ahead of the competition. It is much, much more powerful than one powered on a couple of AAs. It does the job and is intensely satisfying to use.

When at night I open my studio windows and put on the ceiling lights, clouds of tiny insects just come right through the screens. They orbit the ceiling lights as one might imagine electrons whirling around an atomic nucleus. Solution: Turn on this baby and wave it through that cloud. Pop! Snap! Pop! Snick! (that was a smaller one). Each pass can kill half a dozen of the nasty little beggars. I don't know where the corpora delicta go to; maybe they really are vaporized as some distributors claim.

Be aware that it does not always kill larger bugs on the first contact. But it nearly always knocks them down, where they can be dealt easily a second and lethal shock. Fastidious folk may not fully appreciate the smell of burning bug that is emitted when a bug gets stuck on the screen and is roasted to extra well done.

The on/off switch is an important feature. You don't have to hold down the button, so you are not inconvenienced by having the thing power down just as you make contact with the bug. I found it enormously entertaining to set the thing on the table, turned on, and have a fly light on it.

When I had workmen doing some things that required keeping the door standing open for a couple of hours, my house was filled with scores of flies. It took some time, but as they were drawn to the windows I slowly placed the head of the zapper over them (the flies, not the workmen) and they eventually jumped up and were taught the error of false pride. If I had used the traditional smashem swatter, the window panes would have been a mess. One of the attractions of this zapper is that it does the job cleanly except, as I mentioned, for the occasional smell of bug a la 2.4kv.

I would not be without this zapper. House guests who saw it in action instantly ordered their own. But be clear: fun as it is, it is NOT A TOY. It can't kill a human being, but it can deliver a painful shock. Children must not be allowed to handle it.

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